Neu: Die V3606 von VULKAN

The new V3606 from VULKAN is the modern interpretation of the classic linear luminaire. The luminaire is characterized by its very slim and classic design. This makes the V3606 ideal for use on existing poles with circular curved brackets - but the luminaire also creates a harmonious appearance as a pole top mounted luminaire.

The luminaire can be fitted with up to 36 LEDs and is therefore ideal for pole heights of 6 - 12 meters. A large selection of optics with asymmetrical, symmetrical and axially symmetrical light distribution ensures standard-compliant illumination of roads, paths and squares in accordance with DIN-EN 13201. The luminaire is designed and optimized to ensure wide-ranging lateral light distribution and therefore large pole spacings can also be achieved.

The new V3606 from VULKAN - the modern linear luminaire!

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