Catenary suspended luminaires

  • All components are designed for a very long life of 100 000 hours
  • Smooth aluminium housing without cooling fins which are prone to dirt
  • Flat, aerodynamic shape with low wind load
  • No light pollution from directed light

System power
32 W – 100 W

Luminous flux
3240 lm – 10180 lm

Colour temperature
4000 K / 3000 K

Ingress protection

2x LED32W300mA3240lm4000KRa >70
2x LED51W500mA5160lm4000KRa >70
4x LED61W300mA6580lm4000KRa >70
2x LED71W700mA6910lm4000KRa >70
4x LED73W350mA7450lm4000KRa >70
4x LED100W500mA10180lm4000KRa >70
2x LED37W350mA3780lm4000KRa >70

General Specifications

  • Enclosure made from flat single-pane tempered safety glass, partially printed on the inside in black; maintenance-free concept; weather resistant EPDM gasket


  • Choice of various light distributions for various applications to ensure lighting of roads that complies with EN 13201; lens optics made from PMMA in multi-layer technology
  • Spring attachment for optics and LED that doesn't damage the material

Electrical Specifications

LED technology:
  • Versions with two or four LED boards, each with 16 high-power-LEDs with up to 170 lm/W
  • Aluminium core PCB for optimum thermal management
  • Integrated, electronically controlled temperature monitoring


  • Thermal monitoring of LED unit and operating device

Overvoltage protection:

  • Integrated; surge voltage resistance of 6kV (L-N) and 8kV (L/N earth), 10kV on request

Additional Specifications


  • Extruded aluminium section, powder coated DB 703


  • Suspension, screws and fastening components made from stainless steel; Attachment mechanism for suspension cable 8-12mm

Light regulation:

  • Constant Lumen Management (CLM); autonomous performance reduction for operation in networks without a control line (Light Regulation Autarkic - LRA); performance reduction by switching off a control line (Light Regulation Twin - LRT)