Pole-top luminaires

  • Decorative luminaire family in 2 sizes for holistic lighting concepts
  • Large version with five possible brackets for a uniform appearance across all application situations
  • Luminaire family with decorative design language
  • Compact design of the housing for easy installation
  • Easy maintenance via separately removable electronic ballast carrier

System power
30 W – 104 W

Luminous flux
4.556 lm – 14.070 lm

Colour temperature
3000 K / 4000 K

Ingress protection

3x LEPL 2x673 W500 mA10552 lm4000 KRa>70
3x LEPL 2x637 W250 mA5628 lm4000 KRa>70
3x LEPL 2x696 W650 mA13366 lm4000 KRa>70
3x LEPL 2x681 W550 mA11537 lm4000 KRa>70
3x LEPL 2x6104 W700 mA14070 lm4000 KRa>70
3x LEPL 2x660 W400 mA8695 lm4000 KRa>70
3x LEPL 2x689 W600 mA12382 lm4000 KRa>70
3x LEPL 2x653 W350 mA7598 lm4000 KRa>70
3x LEPL 2x645 W300 mA6613 lm4000 KRa>70
3x LEPL 2x666 W450 mA9708 lm4000 KRa>70
3x LEPL 2x630 W200 mA4556 lm4000 KRa>70

General Specifications


  • Flat single-pane tempered safety glass, partially printed on the inside in grey


  • Housing to be opened tool-free
  • Electronic ballast on removable carrier, tool-less to be removed


  • Lens optics made from PMMA in multi-layer-technology, differents specific characteristics for lighting compliant with standards

Electrical Specifications

LED technology:

  • Number of LEDs: depending on the power three or four high-quality LED modules with 2x6 LED each, compatible with Zhaga
  • High- efficiency High-Power-LEDs with up to 142 lm/W
  • Aluminium core printed circuit board for optimal thermal management
  • Integrated, electronically controlled temperature monitoring
  • Framed LED module to reduce scattering losses to a minimum

Overvoltage protection:

  • Integrated; surge voltage resistance of 6kV (DM / L-N), 10kV (CM / L/N-earth)

Additional Specifications


  • Powder-coated, die-cast aluminium

Light regulation:

  • Constant Lumen Management (CLM)
  • Autonomous performance reduction for operation in networks without a control line (LRA)
  • Digital communication with DALI
  • Optional: Radio-controlled Light Management System (LMS)