Pole-top luminaires

  • Dimensionally stable and corrosion resistant aluminium
  • Stable roof fixation with three massive external aluminium rods
  • Efficient thermal management thanks to built-in heat sink
  • Interchangeable LED module with highly efficient high-power LEDs

System power
11,1 W – 36 W

Luminous flux
1.520 lm – 4.689 lm

Colour temperature
1800 K / 2700 K / 3000 K / 4000 K

Ingress protection

2x LED20,7 W400 mA2856 lm4000KRa >70
2x LED31 W600 mA4108 lm4000KRa >70
2x LED23 W450 mA3204 lm4000KRa >70
2x LED18,3 W350 mA2522 lm4000KRa >70
2x LED28,2 W550 mA3815 lm4000KRa >70
2x LED33,5 W650 mA4407 lm4000KRa >70
2x LED25,7 W500 mA3515 lm4000KRa >70
2x LED13,5 W250 mA1896 lm4000KRa >70
2x LED36 W700 mA4689 lm4000KRa >70
2x LED16 W300 mA2210 lm4000KRa >70
2x LED11,1 W200 mA1520 lm4000KRa >70

General Specifications

  • Acrylic (PMMA) cylinder glass, clear, satin-finished at top


  • Available with asymmetrical light distribution for residential streets and pedestrian areas; developed for lighting of streets, pathways and squares that complies with DIN-EN 13201
  • For optic overview, please press "Photometric report" button

Electrical Specifications

LED technology:
  • Versions with two LED boards, each with 8 high-power-LEDs
  • Aluminium core PCB for optimum thermal management
  • Integrated thermal sensor to protect the LED unit against over-temperature
  • The fully encapsulated electronic components, equipped with an LED driver, can be fully removed with few tools

Input voltage:

  • 230V in accordance with DIN IEC38

Overvoltage protection:

  • Integrated; surge voltage resistance of 6kV (L-N) (10kV on request), 10kV (L/N earth)

Additional Specifications

  • Dimensionally stable and corrosion resistant aluminium


  • Structurally secure three-point pole attachment in pole top for pole spigot diameter of 76mm
Light regulation:
  • Constant Lumen Management (CLM); autonomous performance reduction for operation in networks without a control line (Light Regulation Autarkic - LRA); performance reduction by switching off a control line (Light Regulation Twin - LRT)