Pole top- and side mounted luminaire

  • System efficiency of up to 124 lm/W
  • Universal and rapid assembly with just one screw
  • Flexibility in mounting on pole top and as side mounted luminaire, integrated pole flap
  • Heat sink integrated in housing, for optimum and efficient thermal management

System power
11 W – 135 W

Luminous flux
1229 lm – 15400 lm

Colour temperature
4000 K, 3000 K

Ingress protection

4x LED57W300mA7050lm4000KRa >70
3x LED32W200mA3685lm4000KRa >70
1x LED35W700mA3850lm4000KRa >70
2x LED66W700mA7500lm4000KRa >70
3x LED72W500mA8330lm4000KRa >70
1x LED16W300mA1750lm4000KRa >70
4x LED112W600mA13600lm4000KRa >70
4x LED41W200mA4900lm4000KRa >70
3x LED85W600mA10000lm4000KRa >70
1x LED25W500mA2780lm4000KRa >70
4x LED76W400mA9350lm4000KRa >70
2x LED39W400mA4450lm4000KRa >70
1x LED30W600mA3380lm4000KRa >70
3x LED99W700mA11600lm4000KRa >70
1x LED11W200mA1229lm4000KRa >70
3x LED44W300mA5200lm4000KRa >70
2x LED48W500mA5550lm4000KRa >70
2x LED57W600mA7015lm4000KRa >70
4x LED135W700mA15400lm4000KRa >70
2x LED22W200mA2350lm4000KRa >70
4x LED95W500mA11200lm4000KRa >70
3x LED58W400mA7000lm4000KRa >70
1x LED21W400mA2330lm4000KRa >70
2x LED30W300mA3400lm4000KRa >70

General Specifications

  • Enclosure made from flat single-pane tempered safety glass with bicolour printing; easy to open thanks to quick-release lock with 90° rotation, enclosure glass can be hinged towards the pole


  • Optics O1 - major thoroughfares; O2 - minor thoroughfares; O3 - low-order thoroughfares; O4 - narrow roads, cycle paths and walkways; O5 - open spaces and public area lighting; O6 - pedestrian crossings; O7 - thoroughfares and residential streets
  • For Optic overview, please press "Photometrics reports" button

Electrical Specifications

LED technology:
  • High-quality LED modules, each with 16 highly efficient high-power LEDs with up to 185 lm/W
  • Aluminium core PCB for optimum thermal management
  • Integrated, electronically controlled temperature monitoring


  • Thermal monitoring of LED unit and operating device

Overvoltage protection:

  • Integrated; surge voltage resistance of 6kV (L-N) (10kV With PRII on request), 10kV (L/N-earth)

Additional Specifications


  • Powder-coated die-cast aluminium


  • Pole top diam. 60-76mm
  • Side mounted luminaire  diam. 42-60mm

Light regulation:

  • Constant Lumen Management (CLM); autonomous performance reduction for operation in networks without a control line (Light Regulation Autarkic - LRA); performance reduction by switching off a control line (Light Regulation Twin - LRT)
  • Digital communication with DALI
  • Radio-controlled Light Management System (LMS) with monitoring, error messages, motion control and other features